Check-in Mirror A,B,C

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Product Dimensions:
10.5" High, 4.25" Wide

Two small nails included so the piece can be mounted on a wall.

I created these "Check-in Mirrors" as a daily reminder to check in with yourself and your loved ones. I was inspired by Mental Health Awareness month of May. For me, as a high functioning, high achieving person with anxiety and depression, I can find myself white knuckling it through life. This year I have been focusing on checking in on seems so simple, but this is a mindfulness practice. And for me it does not come naturally! Sometimes I check in and figure out silly little things that will make my day better---eat a snack, take a walk. And sometimes I figure out I need to change course pertaining to bigger decisions. These mirrors could also remind you to check on a loved one- you never know what someone is going through unless you ask. We can make a better world together by showing kindness and love to ourselves and others. I hope these small pieces of art can help inspire that.

If you need help, here is a place to start:
If you are in a mental health crisis dial 988 or 911 in the USA.

• The glass sheets used to make stained glass are handmade and manufactured. No sheet of glass is exactly the same. Glass sheets contain rolls, bubbles, and various textures. I do not consider these things imperfections, it adds character.
• I do my best to photograph in different lights so you can see the color variations. If you have any hesitation, please reach out for more photos.
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